Exploring how COVID-19 was affecting people in Taiwan in 2020.

Within the studio space, the public were invited to reflect on the current coronavirus pandemic. Allowing each participant time to themselves to gather their thoughts and write down their musings. Then offering them the opportunity to take one self-portrait displaying their emotions towards COVID-19 with a large-format analogue camera.

Taiwan is praised for how it is handling the domestic burden of coronavirus, and this project aims to capture the range of emotions felt and recognise the weight upon participants when stepping in front of the lens.  Everyone was welcomed to be a part of this exercise to express what has been experienced since the outbreak began.

All project participants are asked to wear a mask for their photograph to illustrate that masks are such a poignant part of Taiwan’s response to the pandemic. Masks are part of the government’s rationing system; it is now compulsory to wear a mask on public transport; plus Taiwan’s use of mask production as a tool of soft diplomatic power.

This collection of images and writings will mirror the solidarity and shared involvement required as we continue to fight this pandemic. 

To date over 100 different peoples stories have been collected with their accounts of how the virus has affected them in Taiwan. 

The project has been featured on various media platforms such as France 24, SCMP, Yahoo Sports, Taipei Times, Taiwan News, Deccan Herald and ETtoday. 

The series has been exhibited in Taipei and Seoul at Boan1942 Gallery.

To view the full project please see here