London and Beijing based photographer interested in social documentary, focusing on portraiture and the narrative behind an image.

Naomi Goddard is a Magnum Competition winner and has produced images for clients such as The Guardian, Foreign Policy, CNN, That’s Beijing, and helped NGO’s such as Migrant Children’s Foundation and Versatile Performers.

Works with digital and analogue film (35mm & medium format).

First Class Honours in BA Photography at The University of the West of England (Bristol) 2014

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Hutong Project (Luo Space, Beijing) 2017
Slant (fRUITYSPACE, Beijing) 2017
Mind (Centrespace, Bristol) 2015
Fluxure (The Bargehouse, London) 2014
Fluxure (Bower Ashton, Bristol) 2014
Tea & Temples, Bristol Festival of Photography 2014
Self (The Island, Bristol) 2014
Isolation (Bristol) 2014
Family Figures (Bamburgh House, Newcastle) 2013
UWE (Bristol) 2012/2013

Features and Interviews
Singulari Culture Magazine
Women in Focus, 2015
Of the Land and Us Magazine, 2014
Source Photographic Review (2014)
Trip Mag 2013
Western Eye Paper (UWE) 2013

Epigram Paper (Bristol) 2013